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Powerful protection that feels as light as a feather, Glowguard is your new everyday essential SPF that defends you from the sun for four hours.

Hydrating, silky smooth and antioxidant rich– this innovative formula prioritises comfortability with maximum protection in mind.

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  • How To Apply

    Are you using the right amount of SPF?

    Our research found that 80% of sunscreen wearers are missing out on optimal protection by not using the correct amount of SPF– don’t let that be you!

    1. Spot the ml increments on the pipette to measure a full 1.25ml of Glowguard per use for the best results. 
    2. Liberally apply Glowguard at the end of your skincare routine.
    3. Lastly, try your best to reapply every four hours, or more frequently when sweating, swimming or toweling.
  • FYI

    Developed by leading skin care experts and cosmetic chemists in South Korea and New Zealand, Glowguard applies and feels like a serum on the skin, which means no more greasiness and no more white cast. Plus, Glowguard is the perfect companion for makeup wearers as it forms a thin base that protects and primes in one step.

  • Key Ingredients

    Centella Asiatica: 

    • Traditionally used as an ingredient to treat small wounds, burns and eczema, centella asiatica is the hero ingredient of Glowguard
    • Anti-inflammatory and soothing– suited for all skin types.

    Non-Nano Zinc Oxide:

    • Non-irritating physical broad spectrum sunscreen filter.
    • Defends against all UVA, UVB, UVA II and UVA I rays, it is considered to provide the broadest range of protection in the world.


    • A potent antioxidant that brightens hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. 
    • Restores the moisture levels for firmer and smoother skin.