Meet the MS team

Leading the team and the creator of Glowguard is Melitta, a seasoned certified skin specialist with extensive industry experience. In addition to her degrees in Bachelor of Commerce and Sustainable Development, Melitta holds a crucial certification from the TGA Regulatory Affairs. This certification has proven instrumental for Glowguard’s product development and TGA compliance. 

Her hands-on experience at MECCA Brands places her on the frontline of the beauty industry, providing valuable insights into market opportunities. Additionally, Melitta Adam has undergone specialised training with renowned skincare brands including Emma Lewisham (NZ), Barbara Sturm (Germany), and Cosmetics 27 (France), further enriching her expertise in the field.  

Melitta actively participates in the entrepreneurial landscape of New Zealand and Australia. Recently, she received recognition from Inspiring Stories and Impact, earning an invitation to attend the Sunrise event by Blackbird VC in September. 


Jenny serves as the Creative Director of Melitta Skin, bringing a diverse range of expertise to the business. Currently in her penultimate semester at Auckland Law School, Jenny oversees the regulatory and policy development for Melitta Skin. Simultaneously, she actively engages in the beauty ecosystem, channelling her passion at Mecca Brands.

Additionally, Jenny excels as a professional makeup artist and hair stylist at Ares Artistry. Her success is deeply rooted in her extensive understanding of product knowledge and the various skin types and tones. Furthermore, she is the lead beauty editor for two digital magazines. This role demands not only knowing what products are coming in and out of the market, but also entails in-depth education surrounding ingredients, regulations, and formulations. 


Jenny's blend of the legal landscape, beauty industry experience, and editorial background positions her as an invaluable partner to Melitta. Together, they drive the team forward as the dynamic representatives of Melitta Skin

Rafay Mitha is Melitta Skin’s Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for overseeing our financial activities. He meticulously prepares the company's financial statements, instilling confidence in the success of Melitta Skin and our broader financial health.


Leveraging his extensive accounting experience and a passion for information systems, Rafay meticulously validates forecasting assumptions and crafts sound financial strategies that enable informed decision-making, guiding commercial feasibility. 

Isabel plays a pivotal role in steering the operational development of Melitta Skin. She excels in cultivating meaningful relationships with our manufacturer, packaging team, and partners, showcasing her pragmatism as a valuable team member. 

In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations, Isabel serves as a key liaison, facilitating communication among our diverse connections in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Her notable focus extends to quality control, ensuring that Glowguard is a benchmark on the market

Grace is the latest addition to the team and actively contributes to the business by curating engaging content for Melitta Skin's social media platforms. She has assumed various responsibilities, including ideation, production, and the overall management of our social media presence.

We feel incredibly fortunate and thankful to have formed this team. Our journey has been marked by our unwavering commitment and dedication to both one and another and the success of Glowguard. The diversity of our skills have allowed for the delegation of tasks across different faces of the business and it is a testament to the trust and capabilities that define our collaboration as Melitta Skin. 

However, we recognise that our mentors and advisory board have been instrumental to the operation of Melitta Skin, making Glowguard a reality. 

Karan is the United Nations Young Leader for Sustainable Development Goals. He guides Melitta Skin in adopting sustainable practices throughout operations, and drives the brand’s commitment to these goals. Karan is an aspiration to the team and with his advice, we are excited to become an environmentally accountable player in the beauty industry. 

Adam, the co-founder of oral care business Solid, brings his extensive experience and values-driven mindset to mentor Melitta Skin. With a focus on values and promoting sustainable practices, Adam's provides unique insights for Melitta Skin's drawing from his experiences in the New Zealand ecosystem. His background in entrepreneurship, and leadership, along with his extensive networks is invaluable to offering guidance on strategic decision-making and fostering connections.

Sarah, the founder of the award-winning appetite suppressant Calocurb, brings a history of undeniable success to our team. Her mentorship not only influenced the development of our strategies but she also served as a role model, particularly as a woman in business. Sarah has introduced our team to many of her industry connections that greatly advanced our position as a business. Not only did she guide our understanding of the TGA, Sarah also informed us of our operational success with connections to third-party logistic networks. With her mentorship, we have gained a depth of insight into the industry that would not have been possible without her direction. 

Andy is a professional in the field of pharmaceuticals. His presence as a mentor adds a dynamic dimension to our team that has challenged us in unexpected ways. As a result of his expertise, Andy has been pivotal to our business strategy preparation and his constructive participation enabled Melitta Skin to address potential blindspots. Additionally, Andy has been incredibly encouraging and his advice and validation has been crucial for the morale of the team. Particularly, we want to mention that Andy has been instrumental to the development of our pitch and business strategies.